Forum Title: Antifreeze for skimmer basket?
Hello: I just closed my pool for the second time ever (or rather I had my pool store close it.) It rained a lot the week after closing and now I see there is 1-2 of water in my skimmer basket. I worry this will freeze. Do I have to put anti-freeze in the skimmer? If so, is there a product you can recommend?
Category: pool Post By: WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 01/15/2019

you should remove the water and add pool/RV anti-freeze (not automotive!) . I filled mine up with about 1/3-1/2 gallon. I also put a liter bottle (with cap on and weighted down so it does not float) in each skimmer, or you could tear up an old noddle float and stuff that in the skimmer

- DIANE TORRES (Huntington Beach, CA), 03/17/2019

BostonPool: You failed to mention what the pool company used to close the line in the skimmer. Was it a black plug, threaded plug, or do you have a Gizzmo in there? Whatever you have, I would take the advice of Blazer, and remove the water and add the antifreeze. you may want to use also some noodles as recommended. This year, I actually used pool noodles along with the Gizzmo's for the first time. Kind of wrapped them around the Gizzmo.

- LOIS POWELL (Elizabeth, NJ), 03/14/2019

Might be they didn't drain enough water out but hard to say how much rain you've had. I can't remember my level ever getting to the skimmers before it freezes and we have snow. After the lines are blown out I dump a gallon of RV antifreeze down the skimmer and then insert a gizzmo liberally wrapped with teflon tape to seal it. I use the antifreeze gallon jug slightly crushed and upside down in with the gizmo to take up even more space so should any water get in there, there is plenty of crush room to protect the skimmer itself. #4102 Super Gizzmo. They make a short and long, the long are much easier getting in and out. .

- JANET ROBERTS (Lynchburg, VA), 03/22/2019

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