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Hey, You guys were so helpful in converting our pool to the bbb method thought you might have suggestions now. We live in Alabama (Roll Tide Roll!) and normally have mild winters. However, this year we've had sustained below freezing temps in the 20's and below for about a week and it's expected to be below freezing for the next 3 days. Our pool has a frozen layer over the top because the skimmer door froze overnight and interrupted the water flow. It's flowing again now and the top layer of ice has thinned to about 1/8th inch. We have a shed over the pump and have enclosed 3 sided with plastic and a flood light shining on the pump, so that seems to help. Any suggestions ?? Thanks so much! Debbie
Category: pool Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Ann Arbor, MI), 03/04/2019

Advice from us northerners who winterize won't help you. Maybe someone midway up the country who deals with occasional freezes will have other suggestions for you! Good luck hope it works out ok

- WILLIE ROGERS (Thousand Oaks, CA), 04/14/2019

Run your pump 24/7 until the temps rise above freezing most of the day. If you have a 2-speed pump, run it on high. Aim you return eyeball(s) so that they disturb the surface of the water. That will keep the surface from forming ice and also help keep the water at the skimmer opening disturbed. Keep your water level about midway to the lower 1/3rd the skimmer so that the skimmer door is pulled down during circulation. This will help keep it from freezing closed. The enclosed equipment is a good idea.

- PENNY ACOSTA (New Bedford, MA), 03/25/2019

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