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I had a service close my pool this past fall. I am in NJ and we had about a foot of snow last week. After an all-day rain storm yesterday, the snow has washed away. Today I noticed one of the skimmer covers raised up. I know when the pool was closed, the skimmers were sealed up and an empty antifreeze container was placed on top. Today I slid the raised skimmer cover back from the mesh winter cover and I can see the skimmer has water in it and the empty antifreeze container has floated to the top, therefore pushing the skimmer cover up. I assume the water got into the skimmer from the rising level of pool water (water was dropped below skimmer in the Fall) or water that found its way in through the finger hole in the cover. Is this normal? If not, is there something I should do to fix this situation? I'm concerned about the water freezing and cracking the skimmer. Steve
Category: pool Post By: ERIN LITTLE (Kingsport, TN), 03/01/2019

This is fairly common, though not desirable. Depending on how well the closing was done, it might not be a big deal at all, or it might be something you need to take care of right away. In areas where you get a true hard freeze you want to protect the skimmer from damage in several different ways. Even if one of the methods fails, the others should still protect you. Protection for the skimmer can include preventing water from getting in in the first place, putting anti-freeze in the skimmer so that even if water gets in it won't freeze, and putting something compressible (like a mostly empty jug or some pool noodle material) in so that if the water does freeze the compressible material will absorb the force and prevent the skimmer from cracking. If all of those things were done, you are still fairly safe, since two of the three protection methods are still in place. If they skipped the anti-freeze and the jug floats too high in the water, you could be at risk. Depending on how confident you are of all those steps being taken, and just how cold it gets in your area, you might want to vacuum the water out, add some anti-freeze, and put something compressible into the skimmer to insure you have all three layers of protection. There are additional complications if the pool really has risen high enough to get water into the skimmer. At that point any anti-freeze that was in there will have been diluted too much through water exchange with the pool to be dependable. If that has happened, you need to pump down the water level in the pool and treat all of the skimmers again.

- KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 03/29/2019

Thanks for the comprehensive response. A lot of items to think about. We are not in a true hard freeze area. Upon further inspection, the water level of the pool is just below the top of the skimmers. Our area received a lot of water in December. I re-secured the jugs in both skimmers. I recall the pool filling up last year over the winter period and then using a surface pump to remove any excess water from the cover (as suggested by pool service). I didn't have any skimmer problems at opening. Maybe just lucky. Tomorrow I will call the pool service and question the closing. This is the second year I've owned the pool. This is the also the second company I've used to close the pool. Both companies dropped the pool water level 1 below the skimmers. Neither company said to drop level of pool if it gets too high over the course of the winter.

- SHERRI GARNER (Fort Myers, FL), 04/11/2019

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